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so, listen...

I keep my world in a cage
where my eyelashes
arrange the slaves and the kings
in no

there are no fire exits and once you enter
you will follow the signs
all the way
to your own oblivion
where you may take a sit and wait

on the left - fireworks
rainbows and standing ovations
on the right - clowns and warriors,
Iaughter and open wounds
you may touch or lick anything you fancy
it won't make you sick
it won't make you better either

you may lay your dramas on my couch
stupid, beautiful, insecure or sober
the queens, the nuns, the bitches, the divas
sound all the same
they just use a different toothbrush

if you run out of ideas
on how to rattle the space
between my ribs
look into the eyes of this eagle
landing on its prey
it may give you a clue



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