The 102nd humorous poem

imaginea utilizatorului Trinity

[inspired by Wendy Cope’s anthology ‘The Funny Side’ - published by faber and faber]

The sun is nowhere
This summer’s delayed
My throat is like sandpaper
Earth is my head
I read Wendy Cope’s masterpiece and I blabber:
“Will I ever be published by faber and faber?”

The news just announced
Now, at BBC
That people live longer surrounded by sea
“Rubbish” I say and switch of the TV
“I’d live longer only if ff published me.”

So I close my eyes gently
And drift off to a dream:
There’re thousands of people
Is my name that they scream?
Am I finally up on the poetry ladder?
Ms CGP published by faber and faber?

I awake with a smile
(that lasts a second or so)
My poem’s unfinished
I can hear the wind blow
The aches and the pains
Say “hello” once again
I don’t even get why
I’m a Wendy Cope fan
In fact if she’d be here
I swear that I’d grab her:
“How the hell you got published
By faber and faber?”

I’ll try one more stanza
My pain’s getting worse
My fever is up
And i turn and i toss
I have finished my drugs
But food still tastes like rubber
*And I’ll never be published by
faber and faber

*Alternative ending:
And I’ve run out of rhymes
For that ‘faber and faber’



Sister:)) must be the joy

aha :p

they bloody are!..and the minutes, the hours, the days..

cheers bro!


Titlul volumului de antologie este The funny side.101 humorous poems..
Si cum al meu este Nr 102, cel pe care (din greseala, sint convinsa acum:p) Wendy Cope l-a omis m-am gindit sa mentionez asta in..titlu.
E posibil sa le scriu celor de la ff si sa-i intreb: 'How the faber and faber are you?' :D

[I can't even try to begin to imagine their response..]

where there's a poem there's a way..


am promis și mă voi ține de

am promis și mă voi ține de cuvînt. un text care demonstrează pentru mine încă o dată (dacă mai era nevoie) talentul Corinei Papouis. Împletit cu nu mai puțin umor and self-deprecation.


multumesc de apreciere Virgil! rosesc precum un trandafir furat din Gradina Publica, Galati! :p

Da! Le voi scrie celor de la ff: ...don't publish me/ I'm liability/ just read these lines and run (out of business) ! :D