limbi străine

imaginea utilizatorului Virgil

unmistakable beauty


you’ll never understand me
o my friend
as my dog will never understand me
I was the steel child of my communist age
hard and beaten as a rock
deep and quiet
as a smoke cloud in the winter I was
fear my perfect toy
thousands worlds molded out of it
the joy of invisible theatre
the music of silence
words that nobody can remember today
spoken with courage and sorrow

imaginea utilizatorului wchild

Our world...

I stay here in my bubble; i’m watching THE WORLD.
It’s all so sudden, i can’t find the right word...
The people are running and running;
Even the time is running too
With the minuts and the seconds in his bag...
I try watching throught
This storm , but right now i choose to wag...
The wind is passing by,
A bird is screaming,
The sun is kind of shy,
The rain is hiding,


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