limbi străine

imaginea utilizatorului Trinity


walk with me into the polar night
cold is the new heat
didn’t you know?
you like to watch blood penetrating the snow
do you want to touch it?

the climate will change
the oceans shall rise above our chins
and turn our fur to white
the sun shall linger under the horizon
patiently restrained by strings of darkness
the sun shall never come up!

walk behind me, the winds are strong here

imaginea utilizatorului Ela


neverending light

I think two are enough
for a single pain
out there it is always dark
inside we keep the silence
nothing in center
nothing more than red islands
me without me
you without you
living in ironic waves
from the beginning to the end
of death
so just let me write
on a tear of angel
a neverending light

imaginea utilizatorului Aranca

La nuit de l’hippogriffe IV


l’hippogriffe regardait l’oasis cachée parmi les dunes
comme un dernier acacia qui se dévoile lentement dans la nuit

et il sentit jusque dans les plus petits recoins du temps
le silence du désert agrandissant
sous l’ œil implacable de l’éternité
l’océan du sable au repos

les véritables exilés moururent de fatigue
sauf le sphinx qui exhala, avide, le souffle du désert


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