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a consequence


dine with me tonight said the dark angel
fear not for yours is the wisdom
let me taste sadness from this plate in front of you
and drink from thy glass of sorrow
(have you seen the mortals laughing
so grotesque in their so called happiness?)
sadness only brings beauty
yes we are bound for eternity
me as a guardian of your soul
you as keeper of my visions
fair enough dare i say

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Grazie a te!

Grazie a te!

Ho bisogno di tanto, tanto amore
per spegnere la fiaccola olimpica
del mio desiderio
che brucia dentro di me.

Ridammi il soffio
con il tuo respiro.
Magnifico ponte
che ci lega.

Con il tuo sguardo
che mi penetra fino in fondo
dandomi lo stimolo
di sognare.

Slegami le ali
e io ti porterò in alto
accanto a me
a vedere le stelle.

Grazie a te
il momento piàcevole

imaginea utilizatorului Trinity


..from Mrs Baby to Mr Baby

I was wondering if the scarf made last year
feels warm and soft to your neck
holding above the chin I have bitten and kissed
if the Victorian blanket I knitted
covers well your knees
the ones I caressed when they were sore and bruised and bleeding
if you’re still listening to
the carol I sang in a lower key


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