dusk till dawn till dusk

imaginea utilizatorului Trinity

her face too subdued
(don't you think?)
her hands too small
her ears in the right place
unlike her eyebrows, her nose and her mind
her back? a pack of bones
holding hopes at night
and that !dress
in the morning
she should eat more
no, less
her chin never moves
never moves
she sometimes does this with that
sometimes she doesn’t
sometimes she doesn’t?
she never ever.
could she be closer?
could she be further away? (yes, just there would be fine)
could she crawl?
what? she didn’t, did she?
her eyes don’t blink
her roses dead
her tires low
her zipper undone
her roast dry
her life

..they are rating


strange, a text that really

strange, a text that really makes me feel I would have preferred not to read it. there is something dark and hurting in it. but I must agree that it is poetry although it's dark.

e dark, noir, negro - is the

e dark, noir, negro - is the other side of my moon..:p
ma bucur ca ti-ai luat inima in dinti si l-ai citit, uneori perceptiile altora trezesc lucruri ingropate in noi cu popa cu tot.. insa totul e o chestiune de timp.
Virgil, multumesc pentru citirea constanta :)much appreciated..

:) mi-a placut foarte. o

:) mi-a placut foarte. o combinatie excelenta intre dramatic/ metafora/ dark

plus ca e ca o invitatie. ca tot suntem pe partea engleza - your poem lures the reader -

in seara asta am obosit sa ma tot explic. oricum... nu pot sa nu dau penita. s-a mulat perfect pe gustrile mele. cu tot subiectivismul de care sunt capabile, iti spun ca poezia asta trebuie citita :)

cum imi soptea ultimul meu

cum imi soptea ultimul meu iubit, intr-o noapte prin o mie opt sute si (E A Poe) : 'All that we see or seem/ Is but a dream within a dream'..as putea da vina si pe Bukowski putin dar o voi face miine..inainte de cafea..:) multumesc Oana, probabil imi sta bine in noir..sau in nori? deja confused..:p