Ain't life a poem?

imaginea utilizatorului Trinity

..from the underground

the first verse has some sort of divinity in it
followed by blah
induced by education
influenced by footsie
screwed by governments
you never get the bike you want
spider-man is a man in a costume
your best mate takes your girlfriend to the prom
you blink
you water the roses
your parents and your wife
hate you
you have been adopted and divorced
without having a say
you loose your keys
the global warming ain't warm enough
to keep the numbness away
feed the meter
feed the children
feed the pigeons in Trafalgar square
you have a common face
and love is a hypothesis
never proven
your keys are missing again
your looks, brains and mojo forever
stuck in a queue for uniqueness
everyone else on Earth is already unique!
laugh like a clicked emoticon
when society flips you:
head - hope
tail - desperation
nada in between
watch out!
the last verse is coming
[look busy]


oh yes it is! poate e starea

oh yes it is! poate e starea de moment sau poate e doar nervul poemului, oricum ar fi, n-am putut sa trec fara sa las un semn.
``the global warming ain't warm enough
to keep the numbness away"- doua dintre versurile care mi-au placut cel mai mult. de asemenea remarc finalul imprevizibil, absolut superb (desi nu stiu daca superb este cel mai bun cuvant aici, insa n-am chef sa mai caut).
And now I'll try to look busy for when the big boss comes:D


da, e un text scris la cald - the global warming and all - si poate mai mergea dichisit si pieptanat insa brut si mie imi pare destul de..superb!:p

si remember...just look busy!