imaginea utilizatorului Imparateasa

I travelled with long bodies picturing me as a snail
odd traces of my shadow behind
I remember how my voice sounded
when slipping around every endangered place
and hang myself on your widowed memory
like a sad silence

no anger should I feel
nor any distance from me while my shell breaks
but mutual thirst
when you come and say
I pray for a new son


I think the begining of this poetry is just a continuation of a puzzle-perception of the world. Somehow, inside-outside areas are bounded, but not in common way ; it's a memory inter-space, where you are living without your past, "like a sad silence". No more feelings, no more angry, because all is calm and peacefull there, deep inside, where there's "no any distance from me". A pray for your future, no matter if it will be a son or not. A symbolic child. :)

Ela, thank you. You catched a thread :)