imaginea utilizatorului Trinity

(fictional tale of real beverages)

he sat at table number 9
she chose 10
their eyes never met
but only through the wall wide gilded mirror across the room
he thought her name was Faith
she guessed his was Luke
he took a sip from his mocha massimo every 41 secs
she guessed he was 41, slowly stirring her white-no-sugar earl grey
she wondered if the girl on page three of his 'Sun' was a blond, a brunette or a red head
he wondered what principle she's at in 'Why men love bitches'
they ate lemon and poppy seed muffins with small bites
his lips were firm
hers unable to hold on to the cheery blush lipstick any longer
he thought she was single and had a RSPCA rescued cat called Biscuit
she guessed he was married with three children and a wife called Porscha
she must be driving a Ka
he must be driving a Jag
she waters her plants every Tuesday, goes to pilates classes on Thursday and on Sundays she watches Terms of Endearment in her pink jumper with her friend Chris and a box of tissues
he walks his dog at 7, plays rugby for Long Lane on Saturdays and on Fridays goes for a pint of Guiness with his friend, Joe
he snores/ she sings in the shower
he's a catholic/ she never quite liked Jesus
he hates his wife/ she loves her cookies
they laugh at the old woman shouting at a bus driver in the street and hate gyms, cyclists in Lycra and anything to do with politics
they secretly read Keats, eat onion bagels and tomato soup and listen to Gershwin


they never spoke
they never will
because if they would
Faith would never be able to watch Star Wars again and Luke -
Luke would lose his faith in
love at first sight


nice, you must have seen that

nice, you must have seen that movie with two neighbours living in twin apartments divided by an wall, who never met face to face, only thinking about each other. well done, the story forces smiles. I would only sugest this minor change:

"their eyes only met
through the wall wide gilded mirror across the room". back to you :))

I have not..

But Mr ND you got me curious now..:p (does the film have a name?)

I shall consider the change as I do believe that 'only' is required there. Thank you, I appreciate the intervention!

PS ..a wall? perhaps? since w is a consonant? [sorry Nicholas, couldn't help myself :p]


>am inteles nota ta explicativa [desi suna oarecum ca o self-accusation!].

1.regulamentul Hermeneiei nu stipuleaza din cite stiu eu regula de care mentionezi - a nu se comenta decit in limba in care a fost scris textul
2. pentru detalii de practicare a englezei - oh, well, le stabilim pe mess :p

16.39 - this interview is over.


If the comment quoted above could become a rule I would very much appreciate your initiative and effort..however, my opinion could be knocked off the perch by the fact that not many members contribute to this site in English, therefore many of the texts posted under lingua would not be commented due to the language-barrier. The American and English sites I usually post on do not have this problem - that goes without saying - but posting here gives me, as a member of Hermeneia, a different kind of buzz. Having said that I hope it puts your mind to rest and whatever action you will/ will not take regarding rules of engagement within lingua department remains fine by me (as long as I can press the 'INTRODUCE PREFERRED CONTENT' button :p).



the name of the movie is sidewalls, the main characters are Mariana and Martin. Here we have it on netflix.

sorry for the wall and the an. this time I am sure is sidewalls. If I may: to which american site do you post your texts?


..could tell you but then Virgil would have to kill me (for advertising on his site) and I hate to think how many [people, places and flowers] would cry after me..
send me your details and I'll send you the links.

Thanks for the sidewalls tip!


a nib and a sugestion

textul acesta merită tradus în româneşte. un alt titlu ar fi un mare plus.

cu un astfel de text aş bate la porţile premiului nobel. :)) faţă de societatea literară, tu, Corina, ţi-ai făcut datoria. text excelent. mie mi-a plăcut pînă la os şi oridecîteori revin pe pagina ta recitesc acest text cu mare plăcere.