imaginea utilizatorului Vollmond

This is what keeps me going
It is my path of knowing,
My essence belongs to me
I'm not bound to pay no fee,
From under my skin I slowly emerge
New-borns from myself I endessly forge,
Fractions of one-second emotions die
One by one in darkness they fly,
Flawless beliefs begin to cristalize
My "I" is non of your concern how it dies!

Your influence upon me leaves me still...
You were not even there for begin,
I'm like a blow of the dear
I i'm in your ear,
Whispering your dodgeless fears
With a single word I release your tears,
The key to unlock me is within me locked.
Pathetic creatures...all knocked
Down to their knees praying in vain
Where's the light?...none to sustain...
So many blind victims but...who is to blame?

My cutting judgement has no need of reason,
Excuse me if i'm not at all decent,
what I listen? What I wear? What I feel?
Spare me from your routine made of steel.
Play with me and I shall teach you directly
How you are mine for the taking,
I bath in nocturnal grey waters
Then, sadly in the morning...nothing matters.
Until the sun won't wake me up anymore
Just because I chosed to close shut the door.

Temper and rage...a dangerous mix,
Don't look at me! There's nothing to fix.
My character builds upon one thing
Into cried dark oceans I always sink,
I ries again and again, on diferent paths,
Every time beholding diferent deaths,
But I always bare my hidden sign
Perfect, in every way, in any line
Forced, raged blessings upon my...
Vanity...that one...not so called divine.


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