The good life

imaginea utilizatorului Trinity
As blasphemous as it gets

God and Devil - immortal twins separated at birth
me - stuck with my mortal disoriented life
in the middle of their sibling rivalry

when I’m lost in their games
(the 'Right vs Wrong’ always gets to me!)
I call for God - the loving and caring one
for a chat and guidance
sometimes he answers sometimes I have to leave a prayer

today His voicemail was full

so I called for His brother - darker but friendlier
he came in an instance
we smoked, drunk, cheated, stole, swore
and ignored my dearest friends
we had a laugh at everyone with a broken heart
I even threw a stone
at one of God’s fans
before he left
he gave me the seeds of a beautiful plant
named Envy
I hid them deep in the safe of my heart
‘Feed it every day!’ he said with a green sparkle in his eye
and I did…


Now I’m not confused anymore, I stopped calling for God (he’s never returned any of my prayers anyway), I love being Wrong and watching my Envy grow taller.

Life’s good.


Corina, I would have named the text "the goof life". Something is goofy.

Nicholas, :) you obviously missed my big post-Xmas grin here, either because: 1- you never watched 'Life of Brian' - a classic British comedy 2 -.did not have enough brandy-butter on your Xmas pudding. Suggestion? Paste, copy and goof as much as you think is necessary with it on your PC. a happier New Year! Corina