As she goes

imaginea utilizatorului Trinity

the coffee will taste the same
the blue chair she sat in
will stay blue
her PC screen – darkened for a while
her pictures – gone
people will chit chat in lower voices about the same things
the delivery boy will bring the mail
at 11:00 AM sharp
babies will cry until their mothers will feed them
mothers will moan until their babies turn will come
some managers will keep planning targets
some employees will keep ignoring them
some will loose a key from their drawers
some will get their overtime back
but some will remember
there will be one less from now on
one less knock at the door
one less greeting in the morning
one less coat hanging upstairs
one less email to respond to
we shall carry on
staring at the new elephant in the room
silently called


it seems...

..but it is not friend is leaving the office and I will miss's a side-way move but I am selfish..and so is she..:p

Thank you Virgil and don't be sorry..:p