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The evening star

A fost odata ca-n povesti,
A fost ca niciodata,
Din rude mari imparatesti,
O prea frumoasa fata.

Si era una la părinti
Si mindra-n toate cele,
Cum e Fecioara intre sfinti
Si luna intre stele.

Din umbra falnicelor bolti
Ea pasul si-l indreapta
Linga fereastra, unde-n colt
Luceafarul asteapta.

Privea în zare cum pe mari
Rasare si straluce,
Pe miscatoarele carari
Corabii negre duce.

Il vede azi, il vede mini,
Astfel dorinta-i gata;
El iar, privind de saptamini,
Ii cade draga fata.

Cum ea pe coate-si razima
Visind ale ei timple
De dorul lui si inima
Si sufletu-i se imple.

Si cât de viu s-aprinde el
In orisicare sara,
Spre umbra negrului castel
Când ea o să-i apara.

The evening star

Once upon a time if truth be told,
Once in a royal kingtom,
From a noble line in days of old
There lived a beutiful maiden.

No other child had her parents,
And a wonder for her years,
She was the Virgin among the saints,
The moon among stars.

From the stately arch’s dark shadow
She guides her steps to a corner
Where, throung the open window
The Evening Star awaits her.

There she watches out to sea
How he rises and shines,
Pulling his dark ships silvery
Trails on watery plains.

That night she stares, and each night after,
With longing at the sky above,
And he in turn each night sees her
And slowly falls in love.

As she cradles her arm to pilow her brow
She is lost in dreaming,
Both her heart and her soul now
Cry out with deepest longing.

And every night whenever he saw her
This gentle star would kindle
When she appeared he was set afire
Upon the shadow of the black castle.