yesterday i learned blonde people kill too

imaginea utilizatorului Virgil

yesterday i learned that blonde people
with blue eyes kill too
it was a surprise as we always knew that
a third of europe and a quarter of america
is populated with this angelic tribe
a sort of human barbie
who doesn’t kill and only do good
for them even the sex is painless and ethereal
but yesterday we learned that blonde people
kill too
obviously it was a totally unknown and unexpected fact
because it was repeated continuously
for the whole day on every channel every newspaper
every media outlet until everybody got it
against any odds and fundamental belief
blonde people kill too
this is sort of bad news for me
because you see until yesterday
we all thought that only black or brown people kill
as you go darker for the color of the skin
darker eyes darker hair
you get a darker and darker soul
that meant i was somewhere in the middle
all my life i did the average and it came out
i was a half killer and it was kind of ok
but now blonde people kill too
and that means the whole spectrum
from blonde to black from blue eyes to hazel and brown
from fair skin to olive and yellow and black
they all kill and that makes me a full blown killer
or maybe now we can reverse it and say black people do not kill
and as you go for a lighter skin the darker the soul
and that would be ok because i’d be again
a meager half killer as I always was
anyway for the first time i felt pretty comfortable in my skin
now that we all know blonde people kill too


Virgil, the question who

Virgil, the question who killed the most people in history is a rhetorical one and the answer is, always, "blonde people with bleu eyes" :) the mutation rate on our small planet is higher& higher
anyway, yout poem is interesting. congrat!

corecteaza la versul 2 "bleu

corecteaza la versul 2 "bleu eyes" cu blue eyes si la "i’m was a half killer" - ori i am, ori i was. we are all humans, never know what we are capable of. but i smell something beneath the story coming out of norway.