Drapeau blanc

imaginea utilizatorului Trinity

t’was war as we knew it
a thousand fears in a jar
labelled ‘eau de thè’
a cloud blown over our heads by no man's wind
and still turned the world that we knew
and all that you were
your wrist
tossing a thousand pancakes
your lips
blowing a thousand kisses in a row
your nights
holding my silhouette
amongst a thousand faces
I have no more use for this shield
or this sword
whoever gave them to me
can take them back
I hold myself hostage to
a thousand years of peace
mon chouchou
I'll be drinking onion soup
from our mug, every morning
a thousand years from now
until we meet again


ecsquse mua, me je compren pa

ecsquse mua, me je compren pa set melanj de la merveioze lang fransez dan le titl avec le texte qui parl a comiun lang angle.
tiu e tre poliglot jeu se, me se ne pa possibl a melaje set deu lang
tiu peu melaje si tu vule le rumen avec le fransez, les angle avec le rumen, le japones avec le filipines, me jame le fransez avec les angle
set ma opinion tre sanser, es che tu shange le titl, es che tu shange le poem

Mon Chouchou

Our records are showing that you are now due a free upgrade in lingua department of Hermeneia.:p
Funny enough your broken French matches my friend's (my friend being the one who I dedicated this poem to!) broken English - and she a half breed English- half French is laughing her socks off in a better place right now, reading this and ..that.
She was a free spirit, a no BS taker and she lived a life to die for...so she did.

Still, what you write here is

Still, what you write here is some kind on mixture between an obituary and a soap-opera.
i.e. completely out of my range, so I tried to be funny because I love you and I didnt want to hurt your feelings.
this poem says words that dont meen anything to anybody else but you, its too personal
did you see the funny graves from sapantza?
try some nice poems from there
kissy kiss love hugs and many many auguri from the sky of the guru


accepted! :p
Andu, a poem is meant to be personal, do you write about things you don't give a damn? and in a way that means nothing to you?

PS How can I put this? I am sorry, Andu, things between us are not working out and I know that what I am about to say will hurt, but...I am in love with someone else...