my little room above the bookbinding store

imaginea utilizatorului Virgil

My room is full of ghosts
I checked with the administration
And they said it’s safe
(they always say that)
Nobody is here
But they don’t see what I see
They don’t see all my dead friends
Playing whist at the table near the window
And never winning
Nor do they see dad painstakingly tuning the radio to find
That sad political debate every night
Or the old lady (her name keeps eluding me)
Knitting quietly near the grey tv set
And definitely they don’t see her
Smiling so strange
Blanket up close to the chin
Subtle perfume lingering
Even in the morning
Like a shallow mist over my brain
They think I’m mad, delusional
A tormented resident of their pathetic mansard
But I know, my ghosts are true
You just need to almost close your eyes
And they are always coming
Each one of them knowing their place
Inside my little room
Above the bookbinding store



This question keeps haunting me, so I have to let it out, do you (and the others like you) publish also on one (or more than one) 'true-blood' american poetry site(s)? Are there any such literature sites to host your work? I'd really like to know...please provide me with a link!
Cause if you just write here on Hermeneia to test our (majority Romanians) English language knowledge it's not so cool.
Or is it just fun?
Cause if it is, I love fun!
We should all have fun, especially with languages!

margas, I don't think I need

margas, I don't think I need to answer to your semi-insulting questions about where I'm posting my texts. also, regarding me, or others, posting here on Hermeneia, English texts or any other language, if I'll need your opinion be sure I'll ask for it. as of now I don't need it. mind your own business. as long as Hermeneia has this format anybody should be able to post in any language without being harassed by people like you.

*statement* - nothing to do with the text!

I believe that texts written in lingua should be answered in that... lingua otherwise the ethics of communication (commenting mainly) can be blown out the window. I haven't read the rules to be honest re: responding to texts on Hermeneia. However, maybe Virgil can make that clear so contributors who post under lingua should be able to debate their texts only in that lingua.
I think that having the opportunity to post in other languages than the one inherited at your place of birth is a bonus.
I see Marga sees it as a threat - threat is good, too! Is a challenge and every challenge - an oportunity in disguise:)[ answer Marga's initial Q -attempt 1: yes! plenty of people - me included - write on various English/ American sites - welcome to the internet! Should you wish to find out where? google 'poetry' and the answer shall be revealed before your very eyes!:p]


Have a nice day!:)