..am, October

imaginea utilizatorului Trinity

I walk on cotton and cloud
or streets at random
and is nothing to do with autumn
(I’ve been thinking about this)

nights are thick
stretching like a duvet
over thin light
and flashbacks are drills
penetrating the walls of my fortress
(I am not going to talk about this)

...but your name is getting louder
and louder
in my head
and when I finally fall
asleep/ there’s an echo
and pass that
there are fields and fields
of lavender
that I’m rushing through
with senses rubbed against
each and every flower
that will never smell
the same again
(perhaps I want to talk about this)

it’s 7.00 am
a woman is walking her dog
and there are not enough fingers in the world
to count the dreams
testing positive of you


text bun

interesant exercitiul asta de psihanaliza... poetica. finalul mi se pare nitelus predictibil si poate ca mi-ar fi placut o altfel de solutie dar prima parte este scrisa bine. deja se observa un stil despre care sint nevoit sa spun ca nu e unic, adica am mai citit felul acesta de a scrie. si spun asta pentru ca am citit in trecut texte ale Corinei Papouis care mi s-au parut inedite. Cam asta se intimpla cind ridici stacheta. Cam ramii blestemat sa o depasesti oricind. Sau cel putin asa asteapta cititorii.

oh, but...

Virgil, this is not it! Deci sa nu tragem linie sub Corina Papouis si sa-i numaram pe toate degetele din lume stilurile (inedite sau nu)...nu inca!...Her mind is a Frisbee and if she throws it too far she's afraid she'll never get it back... ...cu multumirile de rigoare cititorilor asteptind-la-mai-mult!:) Corina