Best and Worst of the last 24 hours

imaginea utilizatorului O umbrela galbena


1. Person on the flight next to me from LAX was deaf. He was cool. Of course, he let me know he was deaf AFTER he helped me stow my carry-on bag .. which had all my sign language books.
2. I walked into a Links of London in London. Mind = Blown. Then I had a dream about it.
3. The temperature in London. Crisp and Lovely.
4. The temperature in Bucharest. Skull-crushingly cold .. but I love it! My pea-coat actually has a purpose now.
5. Did not get felt up by the TSA, and all security went by pretty swimmingly. (exception: see below)
6. Watched “Never Let Me Go” on the plane. Then slept 8 hours. It was awesome.
7. Leeched some free internet at Heathrow for 10 minutes.


1. Apparently my Cintiq looks really really suspicious. Please remove from your bag and scan again.
2. I cried when my plane took off. Cause I’m a big sentimental baby.
3. Flight across Europe was at night, so I couldn’t see much.
4. Heathrow Airport, I will never forgive you. I hate your Terminal 5 organization. Too many stores, not enough gates. And they don’t tell you which gate your flight is until 10 minutes before boarding. And some gates take 20 minutes to reach.

Time to shower and head to Galati.



awesome, that's definitely one of

awesome, that's definitely one of the best things i've read around. you're lucky english is such a language these days :P i can't imagine writing in german for any public but the german one. i feel like it's kind of what/how i write, but from a girl's perspective, maybe that's why i'm loving it. have a nice time in romania. by the way, do you speak the language? i do; i had just finished first grade when we left the country