imaginea utilizatorului Trinity

your seconds stretched over me
like the arms of a lover
day and night
I thank you for my gifts
the whispers of his lips
(oh, his lips)
the air built around feathers
in towers and towers of freedom
the blades of grass betraying the wind
the blood gushing in petals of tulips
(oh, his tulips)
the sun rays crushed by skin
like strawberries by tongue

you leave me no choice
no other choice but promise
on the silence of your lambs
that I’ll be yours,
all yours
until May do us part


Paul - being the Trinity i don't think I am, I know I

Paul - being the Trinity i don't think I am, I know I am (in love), [with Neo of course:P]

Virgil - oh, the eighties, indeedies!:p this dusty song is my utter love for Oster-Monath, otherwise known as April, beacuse in April Neo looks rather good and sun goes shine shine, the two lips, beg your pardon, tulips are rather dashing and I could not restrain myself from writing the obvious.

What do I think about GOD??

well, dear Prophet, wouldn't you like to know...:p

For your kind words and appreciation I'd like to thank you both!


PS I still can't figure out how to follow my own texts on Hermeneia. Could you kindly break the mystery for me, again?

Paul ~ Virgil

Paul ~ nobody can save you so behave yourself!:p

Virgil - There can be only one! The one! [or so the Oracle tells me]. But looking for Zion should be everyone's prerogative.

PS..and you have too many buttons in your Matrix. Do something about it!:p