Kneel down...

imaginea utilizatorului Vollmond

Eyes bathed in tears of failure
Are hiding from your questing sight,
Mind, thoughts and senses become blure.
Don't ask why or might!
Hands try to reach your hair
Stenched by a deceiving sweat,
But all they can find is a shape of despair
Wanting what should not be meant...

Queens and gods...may deserve bowness, dear are just a glimpse of my darkness
You try to prove what's already clear
Love?...yesss...sweet touch of kashmir.
"So much drama!" you may think
I laugh to you and say apparently without link:
"It's all written in blood ink".

That ink invades tired my veins...
What about cutting them, to release my days?
Madness! are bound to me,
Look wide...what do you see?
The floor awaits your bitter kiss.
Oh my queen, i'm astound by your bliss,
Behold your fallen one, as a gift
But beware!'s nothing you can again lift.

Still my stubbornness refuse to transmute,
My mouth forever remains stone-mute,
This scene is starting to slowly fade
I feel more and more like glass made,
If I let myself clash, I'll surely brake
Into a thousand pieces, for you to take
But suddenly I hear a voice of "glory":
"Kneel down...and I shall tell you a story..."


„stuberness” - este scris greșit „desirve” - este scris greșit „glipse” - este scris greșit „prouve” - este scris greșit Și există nenumărate greșeli de exprimare, formulări artificiale, etc. Eu zic să mai înveți limba engleză, să mai citești în ea înainte de a te aventura la așa ceva.

Ora redactarii e de remediat dspre " greșeli de exprimare, formulări artificiale" nu prea le pot altera, deoarece schimb sensurile si structura initiala (daca acele " greșeli de exprimare, formulări artificiale" intra sub aceeasi incidentza sfanta a Regulamentului, atunci nu am nimic impotriva in a sterge textul).