I wonder how

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today, I have decided to make a short business-trip on the roof of our 8-floor house, to plug in a new satelite antenna everyone knows what does an average house-roof look like - some weird materials, which are assigned to resist water, sunshine, strong winds and so on... neither metallic surfaces are very rare but nearly the whole area is covered by a thick enough layer of some rubber-like mess (I can't remember the proper word for this at the moment, but this stuff is being installed under high temperature conditions, and then freezes to the black elastic layer of solid patch) this layer is rather old, and alternating sun-rain-wind-sun-day-night... have made their job and at some places the pieces of the surface were lifted up, leaving the space between the layer and the actual roof, somewhere it broke down into nearly-rectangular and approximately-hexagonal cells, but the main thing that made me halt for a couple of minutes gazing like a snake on it - was a group of flowers, somewhere even small bushes, that were growing quitely in the most comfortable place on the roof.
I bet no one planted them! the only way of their appearance seems to be a wind that brought and left the seeds on the roof, which were then hosted by...
by completely artificial layer of black rubber mess!!! how did they survive?
I thought that in order to grow, a plant has to exchange some chemicals (or whatever) with the ground... but the only thing those flowers have - is sun for photosynthesis and water-bringing-rain...
there was a small beautiful red scarlet flower
I wonder how



not a clue..

looks like (second row)
have done their job (5th row)
leaving a space (row 6)
the only reason for their appearance (lower)

The story is sweet, casual almost blog like..i have stuff like that growing where it shouldn't around my house.. and recently i found a frog swimming in a bucket that was passively collecting rain water. I'm not wondering how or why right now. I'm just glad it chose my bucket :p.

(the corrections above should give it a better flow, if chosen of course!)


Welcome, Corina

I chose a colloquial style in order to emphasize the ideea: casual almost blog like.
Thank you very much for taking your time. I liked your story too.