beyond words

imaginea utilizatorului Virgil


love is brutal with us
these days
and you know
when you feel my thoughts
hunting yours
in the blue white of the morning
you’re right
we are not
what we fear the most
not even those unhappy dolls
of the 21st century
running in meaningless circles
but rather what we miss
when we use reasonable absurdities
to justify and apease
the horrific need
for each other
when you feel my thoughts
hurting yours
in the red dark of the dusk
and you glow in
those nights
love so tender



would have kept just the title in 'beyond words'..the first and the last verse are slightly..too much or too cliché-istic.

try and read it this way:

'Beyond words

(poem by so and so:p)

love is brutal with us



love so tender


(what love becomes???well, is for every reader to know..)

So, what say you?:p

moi ?

..pardon my French but now it looks much better and more importantly it feels raw.
and for that it deserves a shiner..

so, there